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HIDELPACK Corrugated Board Converting Machine

(HIDELPACK-7+1 High Graphic 6 Color Flexo Printer UV Dryer Die Cutter)


HIDELPACK-7+1 corrugated board converting machine is composed by 5 parts, which is the sheet feeder, the flexo printer, the UV coater dryer, the die cutter and the central control panel.

The Corrugated Board Converting Machine is mainly used for high-definition printing on the coated white paper. By using full vacuum adsorption, stable cardboard delivery, PLC system control, high-precision printing, computer control and UV coater dryer, the carton initially molding is completed in one step.

HIDELPACK Corrugated Board Converting Machine
Workflow of the Corrugated Board Converting Machine :

The sheet feeder uses the servo drive and the feed rollers rotate to transfer the cardboard to the flexo printer for printing. After the cardboard reaches the flexo printer, the scraper system distributes the ink on the rubber rollers evenly. After that, the rubber rollers transfer the ink to the printing plate on the printing rollers and the cardboard is transferred stably by vacuum adsorption, then the pattern is accurately printed on the cardboard. Afterwards, the pattern on the cardboard is dried by the dryer to prevent scratches or mackle problems. After drying the cardboard in the dryer, the UV coater polishes the cardboard with varnish so that the printed pattern is more bright. Finally, the cardboard is transfered to the die cutter for die cutting.

    1. Sheet Feeder
    2. Sheet Feeder The sheet feeder adopts four shaft lead edge feeding system to feed the carton, which makes the corrugated box making machine run high-speed steadily.
    1. Flexo Printer
    2. Flexo Printer This is the second part of HIDELPACK-7+1 corrugated box making machine. The drying system can use different color groups to dry the printed pattern with the method ...
    1. UV Coater Dryer
    2. UV Coater Dryer The UV coater dryer aims to dry the printed paperboard to avoid scratches or mackle problems in the procedure of transfer, slotting or die cutting.
    1. Die Cutter
    2. Die Cutter The die cutter adopts independent servo drive (US Emerson), so the die cutting is high-precision. Besides it can avoid the printing ghost and ink generated by the shock in the printing process.
    1. Central Control Panel
    2. Central Control Panel The central control panel implements a remote control to the corrugated box making machine without entering the data into various parts, which is convenient and saves a lot of time.
Features of the Corrugated Board Converting Machine
  • This carton making machine designed with US Emerson Lead edge feeding system, servo phase, full vacuum adsorption transmission and multi-row axis dislocation adsorption transmission, making cardboard delivery stable and efficient. We use a vacuum adsorption box, whose inside structure has wheels. These wheels are used for tightly absorbing cardboard and sending it out. Each wheel insert empty as we take a group photo, which is called dislocation and multi row.
  • The Corrugated Board Converting Machine uses reinforced frame location device and the gears are directly connected to the wall board rigidly, so the machine is running stably and less noisily.
  • Imported Taiwan gears and bearings make the Corrugated Board Converting Machine running high-speed stably and printing more accurately.
  • The two rubber rollers' surface is double-glued, and the low pressure transmission avoids the impact of pneumatic pressure, so in the transmission process, the cardboard is not crushed.
  • When there are faults happen, the machine can alarm workers accurately, so it can keep long time and continuous safe production.
  • The Corrugated Board Converting Machine adopts segmented servo drive and the system is stable and efficient.
  • The Central dust removal system adopts double dust vacuum transfer suction system.
  • The carton making machine is humanized. When cartons' specifications are different, the machine can be adjusted to produce another type of carton by using only one button, so the standard carton orders and non-standard carton orders can be transferred to each other quickly.
  • By using patented automatic adjusted feeding device and the plate locking device with location, which work in with the industrial design, the machine is a highly efficient tool for the operator in the hardware and software. Feeding - Dusting - Printing - Polishing - Separate Drying - Die Cutting - Cleaning - Stacking - Counting - Packaging makes it an automated production line.
Model JF0920 JF0924 JF1220 JF1224 JF1228 JF1628 JF1632 JF1636
Max Speed (pcs/min) 250 250 280 250 220 180 160 150
Max feeding size (mm) 900×2100 900×2500 1200×2100 1200×2500 1200×2900 1600×2900 1600×3300 1600×3700
Min feeding size (mm) 280×600 280×600 370×700 370×700 370×700 450×900 450×900 450×900
skip feeding size (mm) 1200×2050 1200×2500 1600×2100 1600×2500 1600×2900 2000×2900 2000×3300 2000×3700
Max print size (mm) 850×2000 880×2000 1150×2000 1150×2400 1150×2800 1550×2800 1550×3100 1550×3500
Min slotting gap (reverse knife) 230×70×230×70 230×70×230×70 240×70×240×70 240×70×240×70 240×70×240×70 280×70×280×70 280×70×280×70 280×70×280×70
Printing plate thickness (mm) 7.2
Board thickness 1.5-12

It is a corrugated cardboard case and box making equipment line, including corrugated box folding, box printing, cardboard cutting, and box gluing. The corrugated cardboard machines we made with plenty of experience and resource of production, as a full experienced corrugated box manufacturer, we are sure to offer customers high quality corrugated box making machines.

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