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Since 2004, our plant area has expanded from more than 2000 square meters to more than 10,000 square meters, and now the plant has professional production workshops, comfortable office environment, clean canteens and warm staff dormitories. We also provide staff entertainment place, so that employees can relax and entertain after work and enhance the friendship between colleagues.

  • The gears used in our machines are processed as follows:
    (1) forging blank: higher precision, less machining allowance, and high production efficiency.
    (2) normalizing: normalizing makes the product quality stable and reliable.
    (3) rough turning: after finishing, the fine turning can make gears machined to the specified size.
    (4) quenching and tempering heat treatment: the surface hardness can reach HRC58 ~ 62, the hardness of the core is HRC30 ~ 45, in order to improve the wear resistance and fatigue resistance.
    (5) precision machining: convenient for grinding to achieve higher precision requirements.
    (6) manufacturing gear teeth: the cutting tool can obviously improve the service life after plating, which can increase more than 90% and effectively reduce the number of tool change and grinding time, benefiting significantly.
    (7) grinding tooth: tooth surface roughness can be as small as R0.63 ~ 0.16 micron.
  • The bearings used by our machine are all practical international famous brand NSK, which is durable and wearable, ensuring smooth rotation and operation.
  • The printing rollers we used adopt seamless technology, so that the transmission is more accurate and more durable.
  • Our electrical parts: all international famous brands, stable, low failure rate.
  • The corrugated box making machine is being installed
  • Electrical workers are on the machine circuit for precision testing
  • Employee photo: Jiufeng carton machinery Co., Ltd. has a total of more than 50 employees with more than 10 high-tech research and development personnel

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